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5 Things a Phoenix Listing Agent isn’t Going to Tell You

If you’ve decided to sell your Phoenix home, stop looking for a listing agent and consider your options before making a costly mistake. Not all properties and not all sellers fit perfectly into the standard MLS listing model. Some home sellers are under pressure to carry the expenses of relocating before selling their first home. … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Hiring An Agent To Sell Your House in Phoenix

Not every home is well suited to the traditional listing process, and not every seller has the option of waiting for a buyer. Unfortunately, listing as an FSBO doesn’t tend to work in favor of sellers; taking longer to sell for less profit, and most often, these sellers move the listing to an agent. So, … Continued

How to Sell a House With Cloudy Title in Phoenix

Liens, judgments, title issues, or encumbrances can cause a cloudy or defective title because it makes it difficult to discern the proper owner. In addition, a cloudy or defective title creates issues if you need to sell your home because most buyers use traditional lenders to attain a mortgage. When buyers qualify for a loan, … Continued

What To Expect When Working With A Professional Home Buyer In Phoenix

Not every home is a perfect fit for the traditional listing scenario. Buyers scroll through online listings at lightning speeds, and they’re searching for a home that is in ready-to-move-in condition. Homes that don’t quite measure up are typically bypassed and linger. Offers that do come in are insultingly low.  Not every owner has the … Continued

3 Reasons Why You Should Downsize Your House in Phoenix

There is a trend toward smaller homes for many reasons, including people having smaller families with less focus on owning things and more on personal development, travel, and outdoor activity. And as time passes, our needs change; if you’re using a small percentage of your home to live in, there is no longer a need … Continued

How to Estimate Repairs When Selling Your House in Phoenix

A necessary part of the process of selling your home is the inspection, and for many sellers, this may seem overwhelming or stressful. However, tackling the issue head-on will allow you to dive deep into understanding the financial obstacles you must face. With just a few estimates, a fair comparison can be made for the … Continued

5 Things to Know About Buying Foreclosure Properties in AZ

Diversity is the key to cushioning your portfolio against economic downturns in any one sector of the real estate market. The profits to be made on homes in various stages of foreclosure are difficult for investors to ignore. However, the nuances of this market sector may seem daunting to the inexperienced investor. While it is … Continued

5 Ways to Stop Foreclosure in AZ

Foreclosures are not a sudden event; before the lender implements the final procedure there is a lot of warning. The worst thing you could do when regarding these financial issues is hide from your problems. Instead, it is always better to face your problems head-on and make the best choice by going in depth and … Continued