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3 Reasons Why You Should Downsize Your House in Phoenix

There is a trend toward smaller homes for many reasons, including people having smaller families with less focus on owning things and more on personal development, travel, and outdoor activity. And as time passes, our needs change; if you’re using a small percentage of your home to live in, there is no longer a need … Continued

How to Estimate Repairs When Selling Your House in Phoenix

A necessary part of the process of selling your home is the inspection, and for many sellers, this may seem overwhelming or stressful. However, tackling the issue head-on will allow you to dive deep into understanding the financial obstacles you must face. With just a few estimates, a fair comparison can be made for the … Continued

5 Things to Know About Buying Foreclosure Properties in AZ

Diversity is the key to cushioning your portfolio against economic downturns in any one sector of the real estate market. The profits to be made on homes in various stages of foreclosure are difficult for investors to ignore. However, the nuances of this market sector may seem daunting to the inexperienced investor. While it is … Continued

5 Ways to Stop Foreclosure in AZ

Foreclosures are not a sudden event; before the lender implements the final procedure there is a lot of warning. The worst thing you could do when regarding these financial issues is hide from your problems. Instead, it is always better to face your problems head-on and make the best choice by going in depth and … Continued

6 Tips to Help You Downsize Your House in Phoenix

Downsizing can be stressful when choosing what to keep and what must go. Younger families turn to downsize to save money and make a smaller environmental footprint. While older homeowners may find they have too much house, full of empty rooms that now only add to the dusting workload. Any task can be made easier … Continued

5 Tips for Investors Looking for Probate Properties in AZ

Looking for probate properties in AZ? Inheriting a property might sound great, but the truth is that for the majority it is far from enjoyable. Often, none of the heirs are interested in living on the property, and few enjoy paying the bills for the property as the probate process drags on. At this point, … Continued

3 Unconventional Ways to Sell Your House in Phoenix

Are you thinking of selling? Hold the phone! Don’t call the real estate agent yet. The traditional real estate market is not a great fit for all properties or sellers, for that matter. The industry standards for listing homes have changed; staging properties and high-quality digital imagery now outline every detail. If your home does … Continued

5 Tips for Selling a Probate Property in AZ

Inheriting a property after losing a family member or beloved friend can be an overwhelming experience. With or without a will, estates must go through the process of probate. Naturally, if there is a will, the process is much smoother. The home would be in perfect condition in an ideal world, with the mortgage paid … Continued